Future Experiences
SPECULATIVE DESIGN - The brief asked to consider the Post-Covid19 cancer landscape in ten years time. Collective Intelligence has evolved and impacted new forms of medical practice, cancer care and experiences of living with cancer. I was assigned communicating cancer as my area of observation.
Collaborative NHS
SERVICE DESIGN, UX - In collaboration with the NHS we were asked to explore the terrain of Radiography and develop new design opportunities and strategies with in the department. The project looks at re-designing patient communications from the Radiology Department of the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.
Dynamic Data
INFOGRAPHIC DESIGN - A two week data-focused project, communicating the flow of ‘live’ information as an animated infographic. The scope of the project was to make weather data interactive and approachable. Our target audience was young children, wanting to showcase the connection between environment and frame of mind.
Day in the life
PRODUCT DESIGN, UX - Utilising an ethnographic research approach, I interviewed and shadowed William's working routine, looking at the mundane moments. The goal was to design a tool that could transform these daily occurrences into a ritual.
Brand X
BRANDING, PRODUCT DESIGN - Developing propositions for a new lifestyle brand aimed at the home of the future.
Coherent INC
GRAPHIC DESIGN - Visual projects interning for Coherent, which designs, manufactures and markets laser systems and components. I created visual content for the company, to consolidate their internal communications as well as visitor touchpoints within the factory.