User research & interviews, Wireframes, Prototyping

4 weeks
Maria Marinescu-Duca (solo)
question// How can I transform the mundane moments in a bike delivery working day? ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
answer// Creating an engaging tool to bring meaning and efficiency to the routine.
INTERVIEWS; I conducted two interviews to gain perspective on Williams personality and working life. Some of the main takeaways were his perception of biking in Glasgow(perceiving the rain, wind and hills as a challenge), his love for board games and especially, his social personality type.
SHADOWING his routine was the next step, where i identified the mundane moments. Waiting, occasional lack of efficiency and friction when it comes to navigation and delivery app compatibility.
Design Outcome
Main user profile, integrating dialogue between application members to facilitate traffic and create a shared experience.

The periodical challenges, keeping the experience exciting.
Automatically syncing delivery locations within Jaunt-o for a seamless experience.
As William has had his bike lock stolen two times now, the application is designed with consideration for safety

Physical Product
Mechanism working logic, which informed system logo.

physical prototype of a lock designed to work alongside app

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